Recognized for Safer Chemistry

Mobile Home Cleaner

e-clean MOBILE HOME CLEANER is a unique formulation that contains surface active agents and natural builders that quickly emulsify and rinse away the dirt, dust and salty film that accumulates on RV’S and mobile homes. Since it’s certified “GREEN” by the Federal EPA, it’s perfect for mobile home parks so no toxic chemicals can seep into the groundwater, thus eventually polluting our lakes, rivers and oceans. e-clean MOBILE HOME CLEANER is the perfect solution! It renews the sheen to metal, plastic, fiberglass and painted surfaces.

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How to use:

For use in a power washer, just spray on and rinse, or mix solution in a bucket, wipe walls clean and rinse with a garden hose. It also cleans steps, walls, windows, gutters, skirting and awnings…..all without harming the environment. Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the proper usage of your power washer.
Mix 8 ounces per one gallon of water in power washer tank and spray directly onto surface.
For stubborn stains, mix 16 ounces per gallon of water. Spray with clear water when done

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HDMI rating H2, F0, R0, PB

Packaged in half gallon as a super concentrate.

"Clean right to get green"

E-Clean Products cover all your maintenance needs from floor care to carpet care and washroom maintenance with both a environmentally preferable product as well as environmentally preferable packaging.